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How to style your favorite sweatsuit and loungewear in 7 ways:

Who would have thought that the pandemic would have lasted an entire year or more? Without a doubt this new way of life or what some call the “new normal” has changed the way that most of us dress on a day to day basis. We went from having such a strong continuum of variety of styles in our wardrobe, with places to go; now, we are almost constantly wearing loungewear and sweatpants.

While most of the country is still feeling the winter woes and the struggle is real with freezing temperatures (praying for Texas), we in LA, are finding new ways to level up our sweatsuit attire until the world opens up again.

  • Pick a neutral set. Neutral colors go along way as they tend to be color appropriate all year long. Style your neutral set with a jean jacket, your favorite puffer or cropped jacket for a street style look. Our favorite neutrals are taupe, off white, gray and black.
  • Wear Loungewear or Sweatsuits with jewelry. A fresh pair of Bonita Clothing Boutique hoops, or dainty feminine necklace, a few stackable bracelets and/or rings just takes your “lazy look” to a styled look.
  • Every now and then, you’ll have to leave the house right? So make sure that you are pairing your sweatsuit or lounge set with an attractive pair of shoes. The style of shoe depends on your look for the day, but our never disappointing styles and go to shoes include: an all-white low top Air Force 1’s, a pair of Chucks (aka Converse Chuck Taylor All Star – we prefer the Black High Top), a slide of your choice- Steve Madden slides come in clutch! And last but not least since it’s still chilly outside, Doc Martens.
  • In Los Angeles, during "winter time" we go through about 2-3 temperature cycles a day: I.e. in the early morning it’s freezing cold (40 degrees, yes to LA folks that feels like Minnesota LOL) and by afternoon we are warming up, (“Hello 73 degrees and sunny”) ok STOP! It’s lunch time in LA and this is wear layering your loungewear or sweatsuit matters. Underneath it all, make sure you have on a cute basic tank or basic top or even a dope graphic tee or sports bra. That way when Mr. Sun comes out for 3 hours and you’re running errands, you can un-layer the sweatshirt or lounge top and tie it around your waist of leave it in the car.
  • Mix and Match! Since we are in a pandemic some have limited funds to just freely shop. However, you can do a lot with a little by mixing and matching loungewear sets my taking the top and wearing the bottom with your jeans or another pair of sweatpants- you don’t have to be stuck on “matchy matchy vibes”, mix it up a little with different textures and styles.
  • Do your hair as if you were going out on a date. Yes, a little hair and even makeup can take a frumpy look to a glam street style look. Throw on your favorite sweatsuit, curl some beach waves in your hair and you just elevated your vibe.
  • Hair décor – Ladies don’t sleep on what hair accessories can do to a lounge set look. Our favorite hair accessories include but are not limited to: hair scarves, a silk headband, hair clips, a bucket hat, a fedora hat, a new era baseball “dad hat”, maybe even cute pattern scrunchies or a blinged out bobby pin set!

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